Quick-to-Prepare Salad Dressing Recipes That Promote Good Health

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We recognize that this salad dressing unicorn may be difficult to locate; therefore, we are pleased to provide you.

Italian Vinaigrette

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There is no hidden fat buttermilk or other ingredients added, and yes, it does indeed taste delicious without them. 

Healthy Ranch

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This lemon vinaigrette is an excellent complement to a wide variety of seafood dishes and can also be utilized as a marinade.

Lemon Vinaigrette

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This timeless balsamic vinaigrette with only three ingredients is a must-have. It pairs well with a bed of basic greens or a Caprese salad for a nutritious and uncomplicated side dish for dinner.

Balsamic Vinaigrette

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Tahini, an earthy, creamy condiment derived from sesame seeds, can serve as a nutritious foundation for a multitude of creamy dressings due to its single ingredient composition.

Tahini Dressing

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This vegan rendition of Caesar dressing retains its robust flavor and velvety consistency, all while avoiding the use of any animal products.

Vegan Caesar Dressing

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