Green Smoothie Recipes That Actually Taste Good

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Although you might not ordinarily associate key lime pie with nutritious smoothies, this recipe allows you to enjoy both. 

Plant-Based Key Lime Pie Smoothie

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Sustaining your health objectives while consuming protein, healthy lipids, antioxidants, and spinach, banana, almond milk, and flaxseed is possible.

Creamy Paleo Green Smoothie

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Smoothies are convenient and invigorating to consume on the go, but if you have a bit more time to sit and unwind, you might prefer a smoothie bowl.

Peaches & Kale Smoothie

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This recipe for a green smoothie calls for almond milk, banana, mango, kale, spinach (or a combination of the two, if desired), and a nut butter of your choosing.

Healthy Green Smoothie

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While comparable to a few of the alternatives presented, this one incorporates fruit. Berry contributions extend beyond flavor enhancement.

Green Smoothie

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When you are in the mood for a nourishing and invigorating green smoothie, this recipe for a Ginger Colada green smoothie is ideal.

Ginger Colada Smoothie

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