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9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

These days, eggs are the most popular choice for breakfast. Eggs are appearing on the majority of breakfast plates, which is not surprising given the growing popularity of diets that are high in fat calories. On the other hand, we enjoy diversity.

To add insult to injury, we would also like to let you in on a little secret: scrambled tofu is quite delicious. It seems that you vegans are onto something… In spite of the fact that soy is avoided in many of the trendy diets of today, we encourage you to give these nine tofu scramble dishes a shot. In other words, you shouldn’t care about what other people are saying about it.

1. Southwest Tofu Scramble

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

This dish will convince you otherwise if you are one of the many people who believe that mastering the tofu scramble is as difficult as it sounds. This scramble is ideal for individuals who are new to tofu as well as those who consume it on a daily basis because it just requires one skillet, ten ingredients, and less than thirty minutes to prepare.

This dish is an excellent way to get a lot of protein and vegetables into your diet because it is made with kale, red onion, bell pepper, tofu, and a straightforward homemade Southwestern sauce. To cut down on the amount of time spent preparing the dish, try pressing the tofu the night before.

2. Mediterranean Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

The love that we have for burritos is intense, and that’s just putting it mildly. In addition to the fact that they let us to pack our preferred components into a pliable layer of deliciousness, they also allow us to consume that deliciousness while we are already on the move.

Tofu that has been scrambled with curry spices, avocado, sliced bell pepper, and tomatoes are all packed into a soft tortilla in this recipe, which results in a dinner that is both warming and filling, and it can be enjoyed while you are walking out the door. Spreading a layer of hummus over half of the tortilla before filling it with filling will provide an additional dose of protein.

3. Spicy Tofu Scramble With Roasted Veggies

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

Those of you who are passionate about garlic, this dish is for you. This recipe is certainly not lacking in bite, as it is made with a staggering twelve garlic gloves, which makes each serving include six cloves of garlic. The sweet potato pieces, sliced onion, and shredded cabbage in this recipe, together with the spices garam masala, turmeric, and Tabasco, are sure to get your blood pumping.

If this meal doesn’t get you up and moving, we don’t know what will. Despite the fact that it has a reputation for being somewhat fiery, this recipe is actually quite mild in terms of its level of heat; therefore, you are free to turn it up a notch. More hot sauce, would you like some?

4. Veggie-Packed Tofu Scramble

It’s difficult to argue against the fact that cheese can make meals taste pretty darn wonderful, regardless of whether or not you’re a vegan. Using nutritional yeast is a great way to imitate the flavor without resorting to dairy products. These small flakes have a flavor that is remarkably comparable to the original and significantly enhance it.

This tofu scramble is so packed with vegetables—onions, mushrooms, greens, peppers—and spices that it could be considered a salad in its most basic form. (As a little secret, if you put it on top of a bed of arugula, it will be!)

5. Rancheros Tofu Scramble

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

This meal can be consumed at any time of the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To prepare the scramble, tofu is combined with pinto beans, turmeric, and sea salt. Additionally, homemade rancheros sauce is added to the mixture in order to make it even more decadent. (Don’t sweat it, making the sauce is simple.

All you need to do is put the ingredients into a food processor and combine them. Do it yourself tacos is the rest of the process. You may load the scramble onto the tortilla of your choice, add whatever toppings you have on hand (it goes without saying that the avocado is an excellent choice), and then you can take your time eating.

6. Vegan Tofu Breakfast Sandwich

When it comes to breakfast sandwiches, what is it that makes them so satisfying? Despite the fact that we might spend hours discussing, we believe that it would be a more productive use of your time to simply make two. This recipe calls for an everything spice bagel, which is a type of bagel that is exceptionally tasty and robust.

Putting on layers is the key to the rest. The first step is to make a straightforward scramble, then add avocado, tomato, and sprouts on top, and season and add sauce as required. We recommend spreading a very thin layer of olive tapenade or pesto on top.

7. Easy Black Bean Tofu Scramble

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

If you find that runny eggs make you queasy—hey, yolk porn isn’t ideal for everyone!—tofu scrambles are an excellent alternative to consider. Not only does scrambling tofu allow it to dry out excess moisture, although the most of it should be eliminated while pressing the tofu before cooking, but it also enables tofu to act like a super sponge, soaking up all of those delicious spices and excess juices from cooked vegetables.

Through the use of kale, bell pepper, onions, and black beans, this recipe maintains a straightforward approach, allowing the flavor of the spices to showcase themselves. Put it over whole-wheat bread for an additional dose of fiber, or put it in a wrap for a quick meal on the run.

8. 5-Minute Turmeric Tofu Scramble

Although we enjoy scrambles very much, they can be a bit time-consuming to prepare. The process of pressing, crumbling, or chopping can build up to a significant amount. You can sleep for an additional fifteen minutes if you create this dish, which reduces scrambling to its most fundamental components and only takes five minutes to prepare.

The flavor of this meal is not compromised in any way, despite its simplicity. It is seasoned with turmeric, cayenne pepper, and pepper, and it is served with nutritional yeast, spinach, and tomatoes together.

9. Vegan Spicy Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Tacos

9 Tofu Scrambles That Give Eggs a Run for Their Money

Despite the fact that the majority of tofu scrambles require pressing and attribute the best texture to the absence of moisture, this recipe makes use of water-filled tofu, which is to its advantage. Tofu that has not been pressed is boiled with a tomato foundation that is spicy, and the mixture is left on the fire until the liquid evaporates.

While this does imply that you will spend more time on the stove, it also means that you will be able to multitask and skip the press while you are simmering. When it is ready, wrap the saucy tofu in corn tortillas, making sure to reheat the tortillas so that they do not break, and then top with a dollop of guacamole cheese.

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