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16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

These recipes for grilled tofu will inspire you to try something new, so get out your grill and enjoy! Not only is tofu an excellent source of protein, but it also tastes wonderful with any flavor combination you can think of. There is a smokiness that is added to the plant-based protein by the grill, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Tofu Kebabs with Zucchini and Eggplant and Tandoori Grilled Tofu with Red Peppers and Broccolini are two examples of recipes that are not only nutritious but also tasty and packed with vegetables.

1. Tofu Kebabs with Zucchini & Eggplant

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

Due to the fact that the tofu is more delicate and adheres to the grill more readily than the eggplant and zucchini, we have separated the vegetables and the tofu onto separate skewers. For a different take on this combination, you may try substituting halloumi cheese for the tofu if you so desire.

2. Tandoori Grilled Tofu with Red Peppers & Broccolini

The marinade and the sauce for this grilled tofu recipe are both made with spiced yogurt, so it really serves two purposes here.

3. Sweet Potato Noodles with Tofu & Vegetables

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

Among the most well-known foods from Korea, japchae noodles are a dish that is sure to gratify a large number of people. When combined with stir-fried seasonal veggies, they create a cuisine that is not only colorful but also satisfying and healthy, which we adore. Look for wild garlic, which is related to chives and is native to both Asia and Europe; you can find it at Asian markets.

4. Grilled Tofu with Korean BBQ Glaze & Stir-Fried Napa Cabbage

In this recipe for vegetarian grilling, the hot grill imparts a smoky flavor to the tofu and leaves it with some crispy edges. The gochujang, which is a fiery Korean chile paste, is used to make a barbecue sauce that may be used as both a glaze and some sauce to slather over the tofu when it is served at the table. You can serve this dish with farro or brown rice.

5. Lemon & Herb Tofu Kebabs

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

Within the context of this nutritious vegetarian kebab recipe, the yogurt with herbs serves not only as a marinade but also as a dipping sauce. You can serve this dish with a green salad and couscous or quinoa.

6. Marinated Tofu with Edamame Stir-Fry

This recipe, which takes its inspiration from Asian cuisine, makes use of vegetarian protein and has a wide variety of veggies and a flavorful flavor. During the process of stir-frying this delectable meal, it is important to purchase exceptionally firm tofu so that it does not break apart.

7. Caribbean Tofu with Black Beans and Rice

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

For this main dish that takes its inspiration from the Caribbean, grilled slices of tofu are marinated in a mixture of pineapple and cilantro, and then they are served alongside brown rice and black beans. In order to prevent the tofu from falling apart while you are cooking this delectable meal, you need make sure to use extra firm tofu.

8. Tofu Ratatouille Kebabs

A lemon-oregano marinade is used to enhance the flavor of tofu in this vegetarian kebab recipe that is inspired by ratatouille. You may serve it in a wrap with yogurt sauce or over whole-wheat orzo that has been tossed with olive oil and freshly chopped herbs.

9. Tandoori Tofu

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

Tofu “steaks” are flavored with a spice rub that is influenced by tandoori cooking and a smokiness that comes from the grill. While you are there, you should also grill some veggies to offer alongside the meals. Skewers of grilled eggplant and cherry tomatoes, along with brown basmati rice, should be served alongside.

10. Grilled Curried Tofu with Sweet & Spicy Tamarind Chutney

Because it does not crumble in the heat of the grill, firm tofu is an excellent choice for cooking. The grilled tofu, which is seasoned with curry powder, is not only satisfying, but it is also refreshing thanks to the tamarind chutney that is offered on the side for dipping. The tamarind chutney is sweet, spicy, and acidic. It is possible that you will have some chutney left over; you may serve it with grilled pork or chicken.

11. Minted Tomato, Onion & Glazed Tofu Kebabs

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

Tofu kebabs topped with fresh mint, juicy tomato, and onion make for a delicious vegetarian dinner that can be prepared on the cooking grill. Not only does pressing the tofu before marinating it allow it to more effectively absorb the flavors, but the firmer texture that results from this process also makes it simpler to grill the tofu.

12. Asian-Style Grilled Tofu with Greens

If you are looking for Asian greens, you should look for salad mix that contains tatsoi, mizuna, and/or pea shoots. This fragrant and vinegary dressing will work well with these spring greens because they have a somewhat more bitter flavor than many other spring greens.

13. Grilled Tofu with a Mediterranean Chopped Salad

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

These marinades, which are based on lemon juice and garlic, are quite flavorful, and they are beneficial to mildly flavored tofu. To ensure that the tofu is able to adequately absorb all of the flavors, marinate it early in the day (up to eight hours before serving), if you have the time.

14. Cilantro Lime Grilled Tofu

The use of robust ingredients such as fresh lime juice, cilantro, garlic, and cayenne pepper gives this grilled tofu a surge of flavor, making it both tangy and spicy. After you have grilled it, you can enjoy it as it is, or you can follow the advice of other reviewers and marinate vegetables as well and make kebabs.

15. Perfect Grilled Tofu

16 Grilled Tofu Dishes

There is no such thing as perfection! Make use of this recipe if you want to prepare grilled tofu that is versatile enough to go with any kind of side dish. A combination of olive oil, sherry vinegar, and soy sauce gives it a flavor that is extremely savory, and the grill is the only thing that can make it even better.

16. Grilled Tofu Skewers with Sriracha Sauce

This tofu is marinated in a double dose of heat, with sriracha and jalapeño peppers both making an appearance in the marinade. These were absolutely delicious, the reviewer comments.

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